Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oops~ I don't have any yet ah ... and I'm not preggy yet though I hope it will be next yr cos I'm not getting any younger~! (I'm not revealing my age though its all over the place)

Dar says need to wait until we have enough savings which is true ah since having additional expenses like Doctor's, tonics, fees for giving birth and baby things as well as a bit here and there adds up to a lot.... URGH~~~!!

So I'll just give my paypal address please donate yeah? Lolx ... Just kidding, I won't want any unsolicited money or ask people for money unless absolute neccessary ;D

Friday, August 01, 2008


Seems like I haven't updated this blog in ages~! That's cause I've changed a new job and is tired and stressed out every day due to the challenges that awaits me every single day. Photobucket I lose sleep thinking about my job. I dream about my job and basically slump there on my chair after work every day. I neglected cleaning my house, neglected updating my personal blog (Still got update but lesser than before) and of course, I've neglected this blog too.

However, I will not neglect going out with friends or my Dar no matter how busy or stressed though I think they can see my stamina is no longer as good as before. Dar is very sweet as he tries to do whatever housework I asked him and make sure I have my dinner every day.

So every day around 4pm I will receive a call or sms from him asking me what I wanted for dinner. ;D Keep asking me to drink more water or drag me to breakfast every Sat before Choir just so I can stay healthy and well. I just hope he can play lesser of Maple Story then I will be damn happy.

Now what can I do for him then?Photobucket

Monday, May 19, 2008

Of my headaches

That day we spent a lazy Sat afternoon at home before we had to go out for dinner with our family...

Having slept at 4am the previous day and having choir practice at 930am that morning, I was feeling quite tired. At one point I was waiting for the 僵尸道长 to load before I can watch, I turned to look at my husband playing his Maple Story....

He looked up and said "Having headache again right?" ...

I was like ". . . and how do you know?"

and he said "Of course, who do you think I am to you?"

Couldn't suppress my smile as I felt really touched that he can know just how I am feeling without me even batting my eyelid or telling him outright....

幸福 。 。 。

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Of cooking and damn black hotdogs

That day my husband was cooking instant noodles and pan frying some hot dogs for dinner. I didn't want dinner as I was not feeling hungry.

Then came the nice smell of hot dogs frying on the pan. Somehow the smell became a bit like charred... So I went to the kitchen to see what happened. Before I reached the kitchen my husband went "Ling!! Come!!" And I appeared asking him whether the hot dogs were charred.

Turned out not only were the hot dogs over cooked, they now looked like some black discs on an oily frying pan ... erm "So you just put them on the pan and on the biggest flame?" and he said "yeah"

So we had to open all the windows and the main door as well as switch on the fans at the highest speed to let all the smoke out.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Of Ironing and Man

Dar have to wear shirts to work everyday. So that day, he said he wants to try ironing his own shirts. So I was like "Ok~ Thats even better for me"

After ironing 2 shirts, he came over, sweating all over and said ... "Ling can you help me iron? I can't stand it anymore."

And I was like

". . ."

Braun should start R&D on irons that man would love to use. Maybe ironing clothes with cool mist or something....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Wedding photos * Super long post*

So sorry for the super late post. U must know that its damn tiring up loading the photos.


Mar 9th and we were on our way to KL for our wedding. AD on Mar 10th 2008. We decided to get the super luxurious bus with 5 stars tours and it sure was luxurious with 18 seats of which 12 were booked by us. Lots of leg spaces ... games and music to entertain us on our 5 hour long trip. The trip however, was delayed by 1 certain person whom is still at large.

Finally reached KL like 3 hours later than the time we were supposed to reach. And after switching rooms, packing and unpacking, we just have some time left to eat dinner, buy stuffs for the next day and bath before sleeping. Damn tired! Though I am a light sleeper, I fell asleep immediately when my head hit the pillow.

Had to wake up before 6am the next morning to prepare as my make up artiste will be coming at 630am.

and later Shaffiq my photographer for the day arrived with his (2) super pro cameras!

While I started on my make up and posing for the cam, my sisters started preparing the ingredients bought the previous night. Ginger, Colgate, Bitter Gourd, Raw vegetables and Oreos. Why all vegetables? Thats because Dar doesn't like to eat all those items (well... cept Oreos and who loves to EAT colgate?) Pyjamas to play with and etc.

Theme for the morning was white and pink. Coincidentally, they all decided to wear white. Which was fine with me as long as they were comfortable.

Since we were in a foreign country with only my parents as my family here, we naturally do not have any male kids to open the car door for the groom. So Phil was assigned the task since he is my "Ah Di", knows me the longest there and is unmarried (considered as a child). Extra ang bao for him!

Dar's "brothers" originally thought to be only 5 but suddenly increased to that many.

Look at his face!!!? what were they negotiating? Frankly speaking, I won't know since I was in the other room.

Cantonese custom? When the groom finally gets to come into my room we had to bow to each other before he can lift my veil.

And naively wanted to start the tea ceremony after that. But I sat down and said:

"and where is my bouquet?"

~he proceeded to hand me the flowers~

Me: "And so you are going to hand it to me while standing up?"

He got no choice but to kneel down~ Ho Ho Ho~!

Tea ceremony was very short as only my parents came. My brother still in Hong Kong and my sister under attachment in Singapore.

This photo looks like some advertisement for shopping paradise:

Traditional Cantonese family, though my mother-in-law had done away with a lot of the customary practices, some remained and the most important part was of course the tea ceremony and the 3 bows of respect we gave to each and every senior we offered tea to.

And of course tea from kids younger (and unmarried) to us.

Finally the end of the tiring morning after countless of bows and offering of tea and countless of thank yous. Yes morning~ cause by the time we finished with the tea ceremony and photo taking, it was only a bit before 1pm

Faked throwing of flower bouquets to my "sisters" or should I say to Judy since she is going to get married soon. Not possible to throw it nicely and accurately so we had to stage a s~l~o~w motion "throwing" for the camera.

Time for lunch, removing my make up and some rest before the tiring evening arrive. By the time I finish removing make up and bath, it was already 3pm and my make up artiste will come at 430pm! Like such a "long" duration of rest I can have. (Partly attributes from my 45 mins bath and soaking in the bath tub hehe....)

Evening came and I specifically stated that I won't be at the entrance of the restaurant greeting arriving guest as that defeats the purpose of a walk in and there won't be any element of surprise anymore.

Look how grand! Because of that and this is mostly a happy post, I won't state about how unhappy I was with the restaurant. But just a word of advice. DO NOT go to the restaurant (Mandarin Palace Chinese Restaurant) to hold ANY of your events. Because the service quality sucks and the food was only average. But the cafe "The Verandah" serves absolutely wonderful food especially the delicious Nasi Lemak.

Leaving to change into the evening gown while the rest of the guests watch the photo montage prepared by the photographer. Click here to watch too.

(simply loved this photo)

(Interesting photo this is)

After sending out most of the guests, its time to go back into the restaurant to receive our "gift" from Dar's Sec school friends . . . . remember how drunk we were during the dinner in Oct in Singapore? His friends were determined to do that to us this round.

Failed miserably! Haha! In the end each of us only had half a glass of Martell.

The final photo taking before the end of the night and the event. Whepw! Finally the whole wedding saga is over.

ROM...... Dinner in Singapore and Customary in KL.... 结婚三步曲. . .

Note :

Photos used were mostly taken by Shaffiq we engaged from
Ever After Wedding Sdn Bhd and some from my pinky cam. Photos used were in the lowest resolution and cannot stand for the quality of the original pictures. Photos put up were a fraction of what was taken (took around 1500 photos) of which we shared 200 online (do email me if you would like to view them. Flowers, car decorations and corsages from Ever After Wedding Sdn Bhd.